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Sep 07, 2011 at 12:00 AM
Name (owner):
Joanne Pauline - 450

Joanne Known as JJ to some, especially amongst the Clanners who like a wee camping trip. Still don’t know where the ‘JJ’ comes from... maybe you could ask her next time you see her...

What model of Mini(s) do you own, and can you tell us about them?
I own a Mini Cooper Sport, bought in summer of 2010 from fellow Clanner. It was first registered in August 2000, so is a relative pup compared to previous Minis owned. It’s my daily transport up & down to my place of work and a bit of fun at the weekend. My dear husband (Ali) does the maintenance on the car, but it has been known for me to pick up a sponge and suds to give it a clean when needed. It's been round the clock and still runs like a dream (hopefully not jinxed myself... touch wood!!). My friends think it's funny I drive a Dinky Toy... but it still turns heads wherever we go.

Do you have any plans for the future for your Mini, like modifications, or maybe even selling or buying?
Restore car to a better state regarding the body work, our Scottish weather has not been kind to the car so far. Upgrade the throttle body and save up ma pennies and replace the current exhaust system with a sports one, the car's a wee bit flat before it reaches 3000rpm. Fed up with Corsas trying to pass me, it's soooo embarrassing!

Does your car have a name?
Fred, named by my son, Ross

What would you say is the thing you dislike most about your Mini?
Everyone's bug bear... RUST!!!

What do you like the most about your Mini?
Well, where do I start... I love the positive attention all the minis get from other road users, more often than not, they'll let you out at junctions, but then there is the other side of the coin, where other road users think your Mini struggles to get by 50mph (they've obviously never heard of the Mini Clan!!!) Let's face it everyone you speak to about Minis has either owned one or knows someone who had a Mini. It's definitely a well liked wee motor!

What is your favourite Clan event and why?
Selkirk Vintage Rally as it's always well attended and loads to see and runs always spectacular plus the social evenings and the banter we have is always something to talk about well after the event has finished. I think the fact it's the last big show of the season gives us an opportunity to let off steam (some more than others... hehe)!!

What would your perfect Mini be like?
Paul Smith Stripe Mini.

Who would you most like to be your passenger on a Mini run?
Ali of course... nah!!! GERARD BUTLER.

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